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                Coordinate and seek common development.

                strategy goal

                BAOTI Group will be guided by the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party,develop into a domestic first-class enterprise with strong profitability in 3~5years.in the future 8~10 years, realize the grand goal of constructing BAOTI Group into a top global titanium industry.

                Development way

                Devote to aerospace products, actively engaged in industrial products.

                Enterprise vision

                Make BAOTI become first class in China, international famous, staffs have the sense of gain and happiness titanium enterprise.

                Five concept

                Development Concept  , Global Concept ,Brand Concept , Resource Concept ,  Strategy Concept   


                Correctly handle the five important relations

                The relation between self-development and cooperation and mutual benefits

                The relation between enterprise development and staff benefits

                The relation between rapid development and scientific development

                The relation between domestic market and foreign market

                The relation between leader and employees


                Beautiful life from dedication, harmonious BAOTi from development

                Enterprise spirit

                harmonious integrity, innovative and enterprising development.


                use our wisdom and labor to create the titanium age.

                styleVigorous and resolute, suit the action to the word.

                Brand spirit

                broad, far-away, profound.

                Honest culture

                dedicated and honest.

                Lean management concept

                total synergy and lean management.    

                six consciousness

                innovative hardship  market  responsibility   cost   efficiency

                Three quality

                Political quality    Ideological quality  Professional quality

                Three behaviour

                loyal  dedicated  learning

                Enterprise communication phase

                Intelligent metal - titanium age

                Knowledge creates wealth, wisdom accomplish BAOTI.

                Lead the market and surpass the competition.

                Limited resources, unlimited wisdom.

                Understanding titanium, trusting titanium, using titanium.

                Create new needs, create new structures.

                Intelligent titanium, decorate new life.