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                Strengthen the foundation management.

                Improve the work efficiency.

                Establish the whole staff quality consciousness.

                For many years, company has the concept and core value of "quality first, the military first" and "the beautiful life from dedication, harmonious BAOTI from development “, enhance customer satisfaction as the goal, strengthen the continuous reformation, faithfully perform their duties, strictly control the quality pass, the implementation of scientific management, made an indelible contribution in national defense and science and technology. Through unremitting efforts, the quality management and product quality inspection has achieved brilliant achievements. The product quality is improved steadily, and the quality management level is improving day by day, which lays a solid foundation for the continuous development of domestic and foreign markets.

                BAOTI has passed many domestic and international (ISO9001:2015 quality system, GJB9001B: 2009 quality system, French BVC certification company AS/EN9100C standard aerospace quality system, ISO10012 standard measurement system) certification.

                Through the European Union pressure equipment PED certification, NADCAP heat treatment special process, nondestructive testing, physical and chemical testing project certification;

                Completed the NORSOK product certification of Norwegian petroleum industry;

                Through Boeing, UTAS companies in the United States, Canada's BOMBARDIER, the European airbus, the British Rolls-Royce, France AUBERT&DUVAL, SNECMA, the German OTTO FUCHS KG international well-known large companies quality system and product certification.

                Technical standards

                Products can be according to the national standard, military specifications or user's technical standards production, also can according to the United States ASTM, AMS, ASME standards, the general military standard MIL standards, Japan JIS standards production, it can provide all brand titanium and titanium alloy products. BAOTI has been awarded the title of China's famous brand products, which is the only brand in China's titanium industry as well as it is the top 500 famous brand in China. "BAOTI" titanium and titanium alloy processing materials are not only famous products in China, but also become famous in the international market.