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                New materials research and manufacture tasks

                Since founded, BAOTI Group has undertaken over 8000 new materials research and manufacture tasks for defense military industry and cutting-edge technology. Over 10 years, BAOTI Group has undertaken 84 National and provincial key scientific research projects, obtain 50 patents; More than 40 provincial and ministerial achievements. Lead and participate in the formulation of 103 national and industry standards.

                BAOTI Group represents the highest level of titanium process technology in China.Its development history on behalf of the Chinese titanium industry, they are national standard titanium processing material main establisher, they can produce all the titanium alloy on the international brand, is known as "China titanium city", titanium industry also has a important position in the world.


                For many years , company promote the sustainable development of the Chinese titanium industry as own duty, rely on scientific and technological progress, improve product quality, reduce production costs, develop new products and high-tech products, committed to promoting new application fields of titanium.

                In the process of titanium alloy melting technology, melting processing molding technology and nondestructive testing technology, it is in the leading position in China; it has reached the international advanced level.

                It is one of the few titanium processing enterprises in the world that possess the ability of large alloy ingots melting in EB furnace.

                International advanced level

                Premise of technology progress is advanced technology process and technology standard.BAOTI integrates advanced technology and technical standards, production technology always keep up with the international advanced level, products can be according to the national standard, military specifications or user's technical standards production, also can according to the United States ASTM, AMS, ASME standards, the general military standard MIL standards, Japan JIS standards production and can according to the international general standards in the production of various grades of titanium alloy.

                For adapting to the aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, chemical industry, medical, sporting goods and other fields to the demand of the new titanium alloy material, company has long-term with the major domestic research institutes - metal research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, Beijing nonferrous metal research institute, and other areas of the titanium alloy technology research, BAOTI Group participated in the China almost all of the transformation of scientific research and industrialization of new titanium alloy,the alloy include high temperature titanium alloys, corrosion resistant titanium alloy, high strength structure titanium alloy , damage tolerance type titanium alloy flame retardant ships titanium alloy,, biomedical titanium alloy, titanium alloy at low temperature, low cost titanium alloy and so on .It has made great contribution to the industrialization of titanium alloy in China.


                Round ingot   diameter Φ110mm~Φ1040mm   weight 15t 370×1340×5000mm

                Square ingot  max weight 11t

                Biggest forging slab

                Thickness 420mm width 1500mm max weight 6t

                Biggest bar

                Diameter Φ500mm max weight 2t

                biggest forging

                Thickness 300mm max weight 4t one-piece forging max weight 430kg

                biggest ring

                Max diameter 2800mm max weight 1.4t

                Thinnest and thickest sheet

                cp sheet   thickness min 0.3mm max 100mm width 3000mm

                TC4 sheet  thickness min 0.4mm  max 100mm width 2000mm

                thinnest strip

                CP strip thickness min 0.3mm final product weight 7t

                widest and thickest plate

                Titanium zirconium nickel plate thickness max 130mm width 3000mm length 9m weight 8t

                biggest clad plate

                Titanium steel clad plate area max 30m *2 length 10m thickness 15mm

                thinnest foil

                CP foil thickness min 0.025mm final product weight 100kg

                TC4 foil thickness 0.1mm

                Zirconium foil thickness 0.05mm

                Molybdenum foil thickness 0.04mm 0.1~0.2mm

                biggest tube

                Titanium and titanium alloy extruded tube diameter Φ 210 mm,

                rolling pipe diameter max Φ 120 mm, min Φ 3 mm, are a at the same time can produce different shapes of within 150 ~ 2500

                thinnest rod and wire

                Titanium and titanium alloy wire  diameter  min  Φ 0.8 mm accuracy + / - 0.02 mm,

                surface roughness 0.8~1.6μm,

                the largest single weight  300 kg;

                Titanium and titanium alloy bar diameter Φ 3 ~ Φ 20 mm, the tolerance level h7, surface roughness Ra≤0.8μm, the straightness 0.5 ~ 1 mm/m.

                Titanium and titanium alloy surgical implants can reach A1 ~ A3.

                biggest casting

                Titanium and titanium alloy weight max 415kg

                Zirconium and zirconium alloy weight 500kg overall dimensions Φ2500×1500mm

                smallest casting

                casting wall thickness 1mm, able to produceGB/T6614-2014,ASTM B367-13, GJB2896A-2007 all brand.